Managing Allergies & Seizures

Individualized Health Plan-IHP

  • In the event that your child does suffer from life threatening allergies that requires an Epinephrine auto injector as a treatment, an IHP or individual health plan will be created for your child.
  • An IHP is an individual health plan that is initiated and developed by you and the school nurse when a child’s health care needs are more complex. This plan contains an emergency plan for the management and treatment of an allergic reaction should one occur while the child is at school.
  • Your child’s IHP will be shared with their teachers, cafeteria, transportation and administration with team effort and collaboration to ensure your child’s safety at school.
  • Your child’s IHP will be updated each school year and as necessary.

In order for an IHP to be created for your child it is the parent’s responsibility to provide the following forms to the school nurse:

Allergy Health History Form

Seizure Questionnaire Form

Medication Authorization Form

  • Medication authorization form for EACH prescribed medication.
  • The delivery of all medications ordered for your child brought to the school by an adult.
  • Please return or E-mail completed forms to the school nurse.

Together, we can create and maintain a healthy and safe educational environment for your child!
 Form Instructions for Printing