Art Department Information

Program Overview

The art program provides students with a sequential study of art concepts and skills beginning in kindergarten. At the elementary level, students explore a variety of artistic styles and genres to develop an awareness of and an appreciation for art in its many forms.  Students learn how to use art tools to create individual projects while developing a sense of color, balance, texture, and form.  As students progress, more advanced concepts are spiraled into the curriculum.

At the Middle School, art is integrated with all areas of instruction. Students also gain exposure to digital art through a variety of software in computer labs.

At the High School level, the curriculum is comprised of more specific areas of art, including Digital Media Art, Studio Art, AP Art Seminar, and Photograph. Through intensive study with expert staff, students further develop art concepts, domain specialized vocabulary, self-critique, and artistic efforts.  The creative process is celebrated as students become artistically independent and advanced.  AP Photography is available for students who participate in an art sequence.

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Extra-Curricular Clubs

National Art Honor Society and Art Clubs


Art Program Awards and Highlights

Students recognized by the Photographic Federation of Long Island as Youth Showcase Winners and as winners in the Huntington Camera Club HS Photo Competition.