First Induction Ceremony 1991

Larry Grobel, class of 1964 – Author
Arthur Kaminsky, Class of 1964 – Attorney
Maureen Byrnes O’Reilly, Class of 1969 - Psychiatric Nurse
Rose-Ann Schifano, Class of 1965 - Corporate Secretary/Treasurer
David Starobin, Class of 1969 - Internationally acclaimed Guitarist
Pamela Joan Tropper, Class of 1968 - Doctor of Perinatology, Obstetrics & Gynecolog

Second Induction Ceremony 1992

Paul Altesman, Class of 1970 - United Nations Delegate
Martin A. Lee, Class of 1971 - Political Activist, Journalist and Author
George Gilson, Class of 1967 - Business/Concrete Slip forming
Company and Author
Dr. Ellen Cooper, Class of 1965 - Asst. Prof. at Boston Univ. and
Virologist for A.I.D.S.
Marc Miller, Class of 1965 - Attorney, Author and Activist
Wendy Chin Parise, Class of 1971

Third Induction Ceremony 1993

Mitchell Goldman, Class of 1968 - Attorney and Founder of Drug
Education Program
Barbara Block Goldstein, Class of 1966 - Social Worker and Public Ed
Ronald Irving, Class of 1969 - Professor and Director of Graduate
Studies, University of Washington
James Mansberger, Class of 1964 - Fire Commissioner -Jericho Fire
Susan Sternberg Raff, Class of 1964 - V.P. Regional Director of Stores
for Macy’s East

Fourth Induction Ceremony 1994

Lorraine Huzar, Class of 1968 - Teacher and Community Activist
John Innelli, Class of 1973 - Attorney specializing in Securities Fraud
and Anti-Trust Violations, Political Leader
Sharon Becker Maricovics, Class of 1968 - Physician and Leader in the
Field of Pediatrics and Adult Allergies
Stuart Shalat, Class of 1968 - Leader and Researcher in Occupational
and Environmental Science
Michael Soupios, Class of 1967 - College Professor and Administrator,
Author, Lecturer
Jay D. Tarnow, Class of 1965 - Child Psychiatrist, Medical School

Fifth Induction Ceremony 1995

Randi Kramer Fox (Deceased), Class of 1971 - Geneticist and Founder
of National Morfan’s Syndrome Foundation
Diane Freedman, Class of 1973 - College Professor and Author
Steven Gittelman, Class of 1967 - President of Vanderbilt Museum and
Roberta Grobel Intrater, Class of 1962 - Photo Journalist
Peter Miller, Class of 1968 - Emmy Award Winning Sound Engineer and
Steven Shimberg, Class of 1971 - Lawyer and Environmentalist
Sanford Sylvan, Class of 1972 - Opera Singer

Sixth Induction Ceremony 1996

Philip Bashe, Class of 1972, Author
Robert A. Kaplan, Class of 1963 – Pediatrician
Illise Zimmerman Posen, Class of 1972 - Executive Director -
Northern New Jersey Maternal/Child Health Consortium
Robert Raiber, Class of 1964 – Dentist
Carol Fein Ross, Class of 1968 - Chief Attorney, Warner Books
Jonathan Santlofer, Class of 1963 – Artist
Gary Strudler, Class of 1973 – Early Childhood Educator

Seventh Induction Ceremony 1997

Elizabeth Bernstein, Class of 1970 - Attorney, Educator
Robert F. Fischer, Class of 1965 - Psychiatrist
William Herskowitz, Class of 1964 – Educator
Steven Molina, Class of 1971 – Musician
Joan Baiman Rosenberg, Class of 1971 – Educator

Eighth Induction Ceremony 1998

James F. Davis, Class of 1963 - Financial Analyst
Brad Spencer - Class of 1975 – Attorney
Robin Samuel Twerdahl - Class of 1967 – Educator
Bonnie Siber Weinstock - Class of 1971 - Labor Relations Attorney
Heather West Werthessen - Class of 1967 – Educator

Ninth Induction Ceremony 1999

Lesléa Newman, Class of 1973 – Author
Edward Green, Class of 1969 - Musician Educator
Ira Goldman, Class of 1969 – Gastroenterologist
Steven Hahn, Class of 1969 - Professor of History
Bruce Browner, Class of 1964 - Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

Tenth Induction Ceremony 2000

Michele Innelli Cox, Class of 1976 - Director of Human Resources
Mark Jay Friedman (Deceased), Class of 1973 - Cardiologist
Neil Minikes, Class of 1969 - Pediatrician/Allergist & Immunologist
Geoffrey Touretz, Class of 1969 – Educator

Eleventh Induction Ceremony 2001

Debra Esernio Jenssen, Class of 1974 - Pediatrician/Child Advocate
Leslie Shalat Katz, Class of 1967 - Award-winning Educator
Elizabeth Nicolosi, Class of 1980 - International Entrepreneur
Sharon Press, Class of 1979 - Conflict Resolution Attorney

Twelfth Induction Ceremony 2002

Sharon Chalkin Feldstein, Class of 1973 - TV Fashion Designer/Fund
Raiser for Children’s Causes
Alicia Romano Neri, Class of 1977 – Pediatric Endocrinologist
Martha Flanagan Sammartano, Class of 1975 – Educator/Volunteer
Paul Singer, Class of 1964 – Artist/Graphic Designer
Glenn J. Winuk (Deceased), Class of 1979– Litigation Attorney,
Volunteer Firefighter

Thirteenth Induction Ceremony 2003

Jennifer Armstrong, Class of 1968 – Director-Consumer Bank Programs for Citicorp
Joel Flatow, Class of 1982 – Sr. V.P.-Recording Industry Assoc. of
Edward Mardovich (Deceased), Class of 1977 – Stock Broker/Volunteer
Make A Wish Foundation
Paul Pellicoro, Class of 1974 – Dance Instructor to the Stars
Wendy Schack, Class of 1976 – Attorney/Volunteer-Meals on Wheels

Fourteenth Induction Ceremony 2004

Walter Bachman, Class of 1968 – Teacher/Mentor/Coach
Susan (Winston) Berland, Class of 1979 – Councilwoman/Community
Bruce Smoller, Class of 1975 – Chairman of Pathology Department
Lori Traikos, Class of 1974 – International Photojournalist
Arlene Lori (Wasserman) Weiss, Class of 1976 –
Toxicologist, Environmentalist

Fifteenth Induction Ceremony 2005

Ellen Friedland, Class of 1976 – Documentary Film Maker
Diane Krencik, Class of 1975 – Dentist/Environmentalist
Howard Lutnick, Class of 1979 – CEO, Cantor Fitzgerald
Michael Milner, Class of 1969 – Retired Elite Firefighter
Richard Zimmerman, Class of 1976 – Medical Director/Mayo Clinic

Sixteenth Induction Ceremony 2006

Jon Carin, Class of 1982 – Recording Artist/Pink Floyd
Celia A. Felsher, Class of 1972 – Attorney/School Board President
Bruce Friedman, Class of 1976 – Chiropractor
Geraldine Kalfus-Gurman, Class of 1964 – Dance and Drama
Jill Seelig, Class of 1979 – Publisher of O, The Oprah Magazine
Matthew D. Lynch, Class of 1997 – 1st Lieutenant – U.S.M.C.
(Posthumously) Inducted Dec.’05

Seventeenth Induction Ceremony 2007

Leslie Prichep, Class of 1964 - Psychiatrist/Associate Director of Brain Research
Peter Saunders, Class of 1967 – Naval Officer/Civil Engineer
Fred Bernstein, Class of 1974 – Journalist/Lawyer
Jeffrey Weinstock, Class of 1978 – International Marketing Executive
Paula Flatow, Class of 1980 – Professional violinist

Eighteenth Induction Ceremony 2008

Neil Schechter, Class of 1965 - Pediatrician, Specialist in Pediatric Pain Management
Ronnie Steinberg, Class of 1965 - Professor of Sociology /Vanderbilt, Founder of
Women’s Studies Program
Joann Ferrara, Class of 1974 - Physical Therapist, Founder of Dancing Dreams Ballet Program For Children With Disabilities,
Bonita Retzkin, Class of 1978 - Olympic Skating Coach, Instructor to Sara and Emily Hughes
Adrienne Shelley*, Class of 1984 - Actress/Director/Writer Of “Waitress” And Dozens Of Other Films

Nineteenth Induction Ceremony 2009

Robin Bergman, Class of 1973 - Fashion Designer, Community Organizer, Civic Leader
Jessica Pincus Gerschitz, Class of 1970 - President and COO of Abilities, Inc., a facility for educating and training individuals with disabilities
Daisy Khan, Class of 1975 - Executive Director of American Society for Muslim Advancement
Adam Levy, M.D., Class of 1986 - Director of Fellowship Program The Children’s Hospital at Monetfiore
Marvin Schwartz, Class of 1969 - CEO of Jarro Building Industries Corp., dedicated to the expansion of Sunrise Day Camp for children with cancer

Twentieth Induction Ceremony 2010

LAINIE FRIEDMAN, Class of 1978 - Professor of Clinical Ethics, Associate Director of MacClean Center for Medical Ethics, University of Chicago, Author of two books, Second recipient of the Patricia Price Browne Lifetime Achievement Award

LORI GREENE, Class of 1978 - Executive Producer of, Member of the NY Board of Women in Cable Telecommunications, Former V.P. / Digital Media for A&E Television Networks

SAUNDRA GUMEROVE, Class of 1968, Attorney /Advocate For Families with Special Needs, President, AHRC-Citizens and Vice President, AHRC-Nassau, Board of Directors, Brookville Center for Children’s Services

JAY WINUK, Class of 1976, President and founder of Winuk Communicatons Inc., public relations agency, Co-founder and Vice President of “My Good Deed”, Honored by the White House with the “President’s Call to Service Award” in 2008.

MARK ZAID, Class of 1985, Attorney; President, Mark S. Zaid, P.C., Filed the first civil lawsuit against the Government of Libya for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, Has testified before Congress nearly a dozen times on topics such as security clearances, polygraph examinations, anthrax vaccine and war crimes

Twenty First Induction Ceremony 2011

STEVEN SPENCER, Class of 1979, Attorney specializing in employee benefits and labor and employment law. Also, Head of the Lower Merion (PA) Soccer Club Special Needs Program for more than ten years, serving children with a range of special needs from autistic children to those in wheelchairs

LARRY LICHT, Class of 1972, Senior Staff Engineer General Dynamics, Received the 2003 General Dynamics Stars and Stripes Award for work on the DMR program for the US Navy.

LES SCHEINFELD , Class of 1973, Associate Director of Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County, Founding member of the New York State Habitat for Humanity Support Organization

GAIL RUBENSTEIN SIDER, Class of 1977, Educator – 4th grade teacher at Siwanoy School in Pelham, NY, Member of NYSUT and AFT and Building Representative to the Pelham Teachers’ Association

NEIL GOLDBERG, Class of 1981, Independent Artist and Graphic Artist, Work exhibited at museums, art galleries and theatres in the United States and Europe

Twenty Second Induction Ceremony 2012

JAMES GRECO, Class of 1973, President of LI K-9 Service and President of LI Security Consultants. Proud sponsor and founder of Long Island Safe Schools.

PATRICIA MONK-EICHNER, Class of 1980, Middle School Guidance Counselor and former special Education Teacher. Mental Health Partner FAST.

DR. PETER SCHULMAN , Class of 1964, Pediatrician, CEO Pediatric Associates in Florida, which is the largest, privately owned pediatric practice in the United States.

DR. RICHARD SLATER, Class of 1978, Doctor of Chiropractic. Head Coach of Long Island Lutheran HS Girls' Varsity Basketball and two times Newsday Girls Long Island Coach of the Year.

BENITA ZAHN, Class of 1972, News Anchor/Health Reporters, News Channel 13. Covered many news-worthy events including the World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Israel and National Political Conventions.


Twenty Third Induction Ceremony 2013

Doug Baumoel, Class of 1974, Family Business Consultant, Continuity, LLC - Founder and President, Adjunct professor at Endicott College, B.S. Cornell, M.B.A. U. Penn/Wharton.

Cliff Forziat, Class of 1966, Teacher and wrestling coach at Herricks Public Schools, 15 League/Divisional Championships, 4-time Wrestling League Coach of the Year.

Robert Martin, Class of 1964, Dentist/Pediodontist, B.S. Bowling Green, D.M.D. U. Penn Dental School, U.S. Air Force Dental Corps.

Janet Penn, Class of 1972, Founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Action/Youth LEAD, 30 years experience in the fields of health, interfaith youth work and diversity training, Facing History and Ourselves "Upstander."

Judy Reisman, Class of 1967, Translator/photographer, Founder of Guanacaste Animal Rights Advocate, Translator for World Bank, Washington Photo Safaris field instructor, B.A. Syracuse U. in journalism and French.

Twenty Fourth Induction Ceremony 2014

George Haggerty, Class of 1977 - New York State Secretary for Financial Services, Member of Governor Andrew Cuomo's transition team, Established 30+ Superstorm Sandy NYS disaster relief centers, Real Estate Attorney.

Edith Lutnick, Class of 1977 - Co-founder and executive director of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, which has raised and distributed over $250 million for families of victims 9/11, Author of "Unbroken Bond: The Untold Story of How the 658 Cantor Fitzgerald Families Faced the Tragedy of 9/11 And Beyond," Former Labor Lawyer.

Lori Meyers Peterzell, Class of 1978 - Vice President for Brand Strategy, A&E Network, Social Media pioneer who has helped establish network presence on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, Instrumental in shows such as "Duck Dynasty," "Storage Wars," "Intervention," "Hoarders" and "Dog: The Bounty Hunter."

Cary Siegel, MD, Class of 1977 - Attending Physician - Pediatric Emergency Medicine, The Children's Hospital At Montefiore, Former Medical Director of the Adolescent Pregnancy Program, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Jonathan Small, Class of 1965 - TV Producer and Director, 11 Emmy nominations, Produced numerous concerts including for Garth Brooks and Billy Joel, Gold Medal Winner - International TV Film Festival, Founder and owner of Picture Vision Pictures, former drummer for Billy Joel.

Twenty Fifth Induction Ceremony 2015

Kenneth McLaughlin, Class of 1969 – Emmy award nominated journalist

Glenn Stoller, Class of 1982 - Ophthalmologist, Surgeon, Researcher, Inventor.

Louis Nicolosi, Class of 1984 - FDNY Firefighter, 9/11 First Responder, 3 Meritorious Awards

Bonnie Schneider, Class of 1987, Meteorologist – Weather Channel Personality, Author

Steve Noviello, Class of 1992, Emmy award Winning TV Investigative Reporter

Twenty Sixth Induction Ceremony 2016

Eric Shaw, Class of 1991 – Emmy award winner

Michael G. Winston, Class of 1969 – Co-Founder of Bank Whistleblowers United

Teresa Murray Amato, MD, Class of 1984 – Associate Chairman, Northwell Health

Dr. Robert Pappalardo, Class of 1982, Europa Mission Project Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Billy Jay Stein, Class of 1988, Musician, Grammy Award Winner, Producer Broadway Musical “Beautiful.”

Twenty Sixth Induction Ceremony 2017

Phil Bildner, Class of 1986 – New York Times bestselling author, attorney, public school teacher

William Passarelli, Class of 1983 – Cardiologist, Southern Mississippi Heart Center, teacher, volunteer work - Hurricane Katrina

Craig Pinto –  Class of 1996 – Founder, National Celiac Disease Society, Guiness World Record Holder, athlete, coach  

Paula Finkelstein Rosenthal – Class of 1984 – Hearing impaired advocate, founded Hearing Exchange, entrepreneur 

Robert Simon – Class of 1972 – TV Producer (Quantico, CSI-Miami, Twin Peaks and many other shows)