Use of Facilities
Use of Facilities

Mr. Michael Hahn
Buildings & Grounds
(516) 203-3600 ext. 3233
[email protected]

Use of School Buildings

Non-profit, non-sectarian organizations may have the use of school facilities under appropriate circumstances. Applications and inquiries should be made to Michael Hahn, Director of Buildings and Grounds, 203-3600, ext. 3233, where application forms containing specific regulations are available.

AHERA Update

As required by Federal Regulations, Jericho Schools routinely conduct semi-annual inspections of all district buildings. This required inspection is performed in order to ascertain the condition of any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) remaining in any of the district’s buildings. The results of this periodic inspection have been placed in the AHERA records file located in the main office of each individual school building. Should you desire to view this report, or any other AHERA records, please contact the main office of the particular school building for which information is sought. The district’s AHERA record books are available for public inspection during normal school hours.

Further assistance in clarification of any information contained in the district’s AHERA record books may be obtained from the district’s L.E.A. designated person, Michael Hahn, 203-3600, ext. 3233. 

Green Clean Schools

Beginning eight years ago, Jericho Schools implemented green cleaning practices in the elementary schools with much success. In 2006, Governor Pataki issued Executive Order #134 directing all State agencies to clean with products that have properties that minimize potential impact on human health in public buildings. Jericho Schools, along with select other school districts on Long Island, has been at the forefront of this effort both inside and outside of all its buildings.

Geese Peace

We have implemented a program that is being used by the Nassau County Parks Dept. for the control of the Canadian Geese that frequent Jericho Schools property. During certain times of the year our properties will be patrolled at various times of the day by Border Collies with their handlers. One of the most important aspects of successful geese control is to not feed the geese. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 

Video Surveillance Cameras

The Jericho School District recognizes its responsibility to insure the safety, security and welfare of its students, staff and and visitors in school buildings and on school grounds.
Our school district employs video surveillance systems as part of our comprehensive safety plan.

Lawn and Turf Applications

Jericho Schools use only non toxic methods for weed control and lawn fertilization.

From time to time an application of herbicide may be needed to be applied to the baseball field clay areas. In this event a good faith effort will be made to notify anyone who wishes to be on a 48-hour pre notification e-mail list.

If you would like to receive 48-hour prior notification of an application that is scheduled to occur in your school, please e-mail Michael Hahn at [email protected]