Hybrid Teaching and Learning
Jericho is committed to providing its teachers and students with high quality hybrid teaching and learning resources. As a result of our experience during the COVID-19 school closings, we have added a number of software platforms to our district. Please read on for more information. We will also use this page to update you on questions or concerns we have about the technology we are currently using. The purchases on this page represent expanded use of products we've used in the past as well as a host of new purchases and never before used apps and extensions.

New Chrome extensions

We have added the following extensions to Google Chrome:

  • Google Docs Offline - Allows the user to edit Google Docs even without an Internet connection
  • Google Meet Grid View (fix) - Allows teachers to view a wider array of students using a grid view. Please do not use the original version of this extension; it may cause issues with conducting Google Meet sessions
  • Video Mirror - Allows users to reverse the image of their camera in the classroom so the device can be used as a document camera. See the directions here. If this feels too complicated for you, you can also request that your building aide assist you in installing Logitech's Logi Capture software on your classroom desktop PC
  • Google Meet Attendance - Designed so teachers can more easily take attendance during Meet sessions
  • Zoom - Allows easy access to Zoom via Chrome extension
  • Grammarly - Integrates Grammarly's ELA tools into the Chrome browser
  • Screencastify Video Editor - See below for more details on Screencastify. The Video Editor extension makes it possible to edit your Screencastify videos in the Chrome browser. Some users have noted that the experience can be laggy
  • Screencastify Video Recorder - An extension that allows you to record your screen using Google Chrome
If you don't see these new extensions, it's because you're not signed into the Chrome browser using your jerichoapps.org account and syncing data. Follow the steps below to sign in, get synced, and get your new extensions:
  • In the top right hand corner of the screen, click your user icon. This will usually be the first initial of your first name, or it could be an icon you’ve chosen
  • Click the blue Turn on sync button. NOTE: If you are already signed in and syncing, or if you see the puzzle icon in the top right hand corner of the screen next to the address bar, you are already signed in!
  • Login using your jerichoapps.org username and password
  • When the “Turn on sync?” pop up box appears, click the blue Yes, I’m in button
  • Click the puzzle icon on the top righthand corner of the screen to access extensions we've pushed to all district Chrome devices

New Apps and Software

Kami - All Jericho teachers and students have access to Kami, a PDF editor that is built into Chrome via Chrome extension. Kami allows students to write on and otherwise interact with PDF files shared by their teacher. Teachers can also use Kami to edit and annotate PDF files. For help using Kami, check out their Why? page.

Pear Deck - We purchased a district-wide subscription to Pear Deck. All district classroom teachers have been provided with a license. MS and HS teachers have already received their invitations, and elementary school teachers should receive theirs shortly. For training and webinars, please click here. For helpful videos and tutorials, click here.

We've also integrated Pear Deck into Canvas. Please see the instructions below for usage information:
- Open or create a course
- Navigate to Assignments
- Create assignment title, description, assign points, etc.
- We recommend changing the grading option to “complete / incomplete”
- Change submission type to “External Tool”
- Find Pear Deck in the list or add using this link https://app.peardeck.com/lti/launch-provider (we've already added it for you)
- Finish any additional assignment configuration if desired.
- Click “Save and Publish”
- Assignment should display on the list of assignments.
- Open the assignment
- Log in to Pear Deck (This is only necessary if you are not already logged in to Pear Deck elsewhere in the browser)
- Select an existing Pear Deck File from your Google Drive or MS OneDrive.
- Pear Deck offers some premade decks on our website. https://www.peardeck.com/orchard
- After you have selected a Pear Deck enabled file, you will see the option to start in Student-paced or Teacher-paced mode.
- You will be taken to the Teacher Dashboard.
- If you go to the “Assignments” page, you should see a link to your new assignment.
- To preview the student experience, go to course home page, and open “Student View“
- Go to the “Assignments” tab and open the newly created assignment.
- Enter the answer to “How are you feeling today?” or skip
- Navigate through the slides as a student by clicking the < > buttons at the bottom of the screen.
- Interactive slides will allow you to interact with them as if you are a student.

Jamboard - Jamboard is built directly into Chrome as an extension and provides a whiteboard-style interface that promotes student interaction and collaboration. For teacher resources related to Jamboard, please click here.

Screencastify - As referenced above in the Chrome extensions section, we have purchased a district license for Screencastify, which is powerful screen recording and video editing software. Every user with a jerichoapps.org account has access, which is all faculty and staff members. To access Screencastify, launch Chrome, to to Screencastify.com, and click the Install button in the top righthand corner of the screen. For Screencastify resources and training, check out their education training site here.

OTIS Online Training - The OTIS platform is an amazing resource full of videos our tech team has created, as well as videos created by the OTIS staff by our request. OTIS will be fully launched by October 1, but many accounts are already active. To sign into OTIS, please do the following:
- Go to classlink.jerichoschools.org
- Login with your jerichoschools.org username and regular password
- Click the OTIS PD Online link (it will be labeled TEQ)
- Categories include:
- Administrator training
- Apple
- Assessent
- Blended learning
- Canvas
- Canvas by Jericho (we made these!)
- G Suite
- G Suite by Jericho (us again!)
- General interest
- Microsoft
- Microsoft by Jericho (yep!)
- PowerSchool
- Remote learning

We love this platform and think it can be a huge help. We encourage you to explore and check out the videos.

Smart Learning Suite - The district has purchased Smart Learning Suite licenses to facilitate teaching and learning in remote and hybrid settings. To get a license, please email [email protected]. This software requires a Windows or macOS device. Once we have assigned a license to you, follow the steps below:
1. Download Smart Learning Suite from here: https://www.smarttech.com/products/education-software/smart-learning-suite/download/purchased
2. Launch the software once it’s installed
3. You will be prompted to login (if you are not prompted, click the Account option at the top of the page to sign in)
4. Sign in using your jerichoschools.org email and password (the same password you use to login to all your Jericho accounts)

This will not work unless you have been assigned a license.

ClassLink - When we had big dreams this summer, we envisioned ClassLink as the single place all teachers and students could go to access their resources. Unfortunately, some of the apps we wanted to integrate here didn't play nicely with the app, so we are slowly migrating as many services as possible to the platform. If/when we go remote again, students and teachers will be able to access the following from ClassLink:
- McGraw Hill ConnectED
- Canvas
- PowerSchool
- OTIS Online Training

Clever - Clever and ClassLink go hand in hand. With Clever, you can access:
- Big Ideas Learning
- ST Math
- Imagine Math
- Gradecam
- Khan Academy
- Study Island
- Scholastic CoreClicks
- Scholastic Short Reads
- Brainpop Jr.
- Code Academy
- Code Monkey
- Educreations
- ConnectED
- Flipgrid
- Perfection Learning
- Literably

Office 365 - Every Jericho teacher, administrator, and student has access to free Microsoft Office applications. To take advantage of this, go to portal.office.com and log in with your Jericho email address and network password. Students also have full access to Office 365 applications. They should sign in using [email protected] (this is different for them, as they're used to using their jerichoapps.org accounts. By going to portal.office.com and signing in with their jerichoschools.org username and regular Jericho password, they can access the entire Office suite.

Zoom (coming mid-October) - The district has purchased a Zoom license for every teacher in the district. ETA is 10/20. In order to be compliant with ed law 2-d, we have to purchase through BOCES, which is why there is a delay.

TeamViewer - This remote desktop software allows our technicians to remotely access most kinds of computers to perform remote troubleshooting. Please note our technicians cannot resolve issues on personally owned devices. To download the software (which you'll need to do if you need us to connect to your device), click here.

GoGuardian Teacher - Launching in October

OneDrive - In order to enhance our email system's safety, and more importantly to ensure full access to teacher files in the event that we go remote, we have moved all teacher files to OneDrive. We know this has occasionally caused headaches like duplicate desktop icons and "lost"files, but we can assure you that there was zero data loss as a result of the migration. For common issues with OneDrive, please read the instructions below:

  • You can access your files by logging into portal.office.com with your jerichoschools.org account and clicking on the OneDrive icon. Everything from your H: drive here at work should be in your Documents folder. Desktop and Pictures folders will also be in your Documents folder but can be moved easily. Just click and drag them to where you want them to be.

    If you aren’t seeing your OneDrive files:
    • Click Start > Type “OneDrive”, and click it.
    • Wait until you see a blue cloud icon on bottom right corner of the screen (this may take a minute).
    • Click Start > This PC and look for “OneDrive – Jericho Schools”
    If your Desktop files are missing:
    • Click Start > This PC > OneDrive – Jericho Schools > Documents > Desktop.  You should see all of your original desktop files in this folder.
    • Move them to OneDrive – Jericho Schools > Desktop