Remote Learning

Please direct all parental and student support to [email protected]

Jericho's technology staff has developed a roadmap for continuing to deliver instruction. Please see the information below and contact us if you have any questions. To view the presentation delivered during our meetings, please click here.

Accessing Your Files at Home
- We have built out Classlink, which should allow all users to access files saved to their network shared drives at home
- Start by going to
- Log in using your login credentials
- Click on the folder at the bottom center of the page
- This will open My Files
- On the navigation bar on the left side of the page, click Home Folder. Your files should be there!
- Please note: ClassLink only allows users to download one file at a time, and when you attempt to download more than one, you will get a message that says "Downloading items is disabled for school network" - this is inaccurate. Downloading IS enabled, but ClassLink limits users to one at a time. Unfortunately, we have no control over this!
- If you are prompted to download the ClassLink agent on your Windows or Mac computer, you can do so safely. This will allow you to edit your files without downloading them, and will keep your home folder in sync
- You should sign into using your Jericho login credentials too, as you will be able to edit documents from your work PC using Office online

Accessing the Internet
- If you or any of the students you serve do not have Internet access, there is good news: Most of the nation’s telecom providers are opening up their wifi hotspots to all users and their devices, not just those of subscribers. Altice/Optimum and Verizon, the dominant internet providers in our area, are offering free access for 60 days
- Those in need of free internet through Optimum can call this number to get connected: 866-200-9522
 - You can go here to find nearby spots:
- Connecting to a local hotspot will get your device online and allow you to access the Internet

Getting Prepared
- Save the lessons you might need in the short term to a USB drive, Google Drive, or OneDrive account. For a tutorial on saving files to Google Drive, please watch this video
- Please do not copy all your files over at once, as if even a handful of people do this, it will slow the network down for everyone
- If you need assistance saving files, contact a technician or your building aide for help
- If you keep any personal devices in your building, don’t forget to take them home, along with any chargers, peripherals, etc.
- Determine if you have an Internet enabled device at home to use for instructional purposes
- Keep in mind that student privacy is still of the utmost importance, and CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, and Ed law 2-d are all still in effect. Read more here

Device Availability
- Teachers who need devices should fill out the device request form for teachers available here
- Building leaders who know of students who need devices can fill out the student device need form here
- Please don’t take devices from carts; they are not set up to connect to wifi outside the district and will not work properly

Course Content
- Canvas is the district's LMS and is accessible to all students. If a student is having trouble accessing Canvas (especially a K-2 student), it is very likely that they forgot their password. Please let us know via ticket and we will address it
- Canvas will also serve as our primary video streaming service through their Conference feature
- Here is a walkthrough of how to create a Conference
- We have enabled Google Meet, but our technicians are only able to support Canvas, as we have not used Meet
- You can utilize Smart Notebook's web software by downloading it from their website
- If you would like to install Smart Notebook software on a personal device, please email [email protected] and she will provide you with a license
- Zoom has opened up their rooms to be free for all users! We have signed up Jericho's teachers to be able to create free rooms, but you must create your account (using your first. Go here to create a free account. We recommend using Zoom for interactions between adults due to its relative lack of privacy features, and Meet or Conferences for student-teacher interactions.

Helpful software
-  Office365, free through the district
- Go to and log in with your Jericho email address and network password.
- Presenting tools and screencasting:
- Google Slides
- Smart Notebook - please check our software resource page for training resources and live discussion opportunities
- Screencast-o-matic
Screencastify (for Chromebooks) - now FREE!
To activate Screencastify Unlimited access, follow these instructions:

  • Visit this page and click "Redeem coupon" (under the Next Billing Date)
  • Enter code CAST_COVID
  • Click "Activate License" (no credit card required). Ignore the Next Billing Date - that will be incorrect

- Newsela - FREE for all educators now! Go to our remote learning software page for more information

- Class polls:
- Canvas's Conference Polls
Pear Deck

- Collaboration tools:
Google Docs+Drive

- Quizzes
- Quizlet

- Educational videos:
- Brainpop!
Khan Academy

Software accessible through Canvas and/or Clever:
- Clever - single sign-on for services used at Jericho including:
- Big Ideas Learning
- ST Math
- Imagine Math
- Gradecam
- Khan Academy
- Study Island
- Scholastic
- Brainpop Jr.
- Code Academy
- Code Monkey
- Educreations
- ConnectED
- Flipgrid

Using the Tools
- Using Google Meet video
- Google Meet walkthrough document
- Setting up and using Google Classroom video
- Google Classroom cheatsheet
- This is a series of videos aimed at novice Classroom users
- Zoom tutorials
- Control Alt Achieve's Google Meet Tile View tutorial

Getting Help
- We want to continue providing the best possible technical support during this time. You can continue to use our Helpdesk as you usually do
- Please direct all parental and student support to [email protected]
- Call extension 3330 for phone support (while the buildings are closed, this phone does not always foward correctly; if this is the case, please reach out via email
- In addition to our Helpdesk, our technical staff will be available via Google Voice phone numbers and can be available to chat via Meet as well
te_learning) will be updated with new resources as they are developed