Science and Technology Education


Brian Cummings
Brian D. Cummings
Curriculum Associate, Science and Technology Education
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Department Goals:


The science instructional program in the Jericho Public Schools is a sequential K-12 continuum that provides the students with challenging, age-appropriate learning experiences in the life and physical sciences.  Instruction at all levels includes thorough exposure in the subject matter and its historical development, as well as training in the related process and research skills.




The following are the primary goals of Jericho’s science program:


-      To foster positive attitudes about science and the important role it has played throughout history and will play in the future.


-      To prepare students for the rigors of university study in the sciences and for the careers they will pursue afterwards.


-      To encourage students to become informed, participating citizens who will be able and willing to not only discuss science-related issues intelligently, but will also strive to become involved in them.


-      To continuously enable the teachers to enhance their students’ understanding of the major concepts by keeping abreast of current research on the ways children learn science and the utilization of the most effective instructional strategies.


-      To promote and maintain safe laboratory environments at all levels by facilitating the implementation of related laws and regulations, and by disseminating this information to all students and employees.


-      To provide access to the latest instructional resources and professional development opportunities for all science teachers.



Description of Programs:




1)         Elementary Level Science (ELS) - Grades K-4


Students in each of the primary grades explore topics in the life, physical and earth sciences that are supported by a wide assortment of challenging and enjoyable hands-on activities.  These topics include: properties, measurement, animals, plants, weather, astronomy, habitats, ecology, electricity, magnetism, energy, work and simple machines.


All of the students are required to take the Elementary Level Science exam at the end of fourth grade.  This test is comprised of a laboratory-based performance portion and a written exam that contains multiple choice and constructed response items.


Jericho’s K-4 science program is in agreement with the New York State Elementary Level Science core curriculum which can be found at the following website:



2)         Intermediate Level Science (ILS) – Grades 5-8


Jericho’s intermediate level science program begins in the fifth grade classes at each elementary school and continues through grade 8 in the middle school.  These students also study age-appropriate topics in the life, physical and earth sciences that are supplemented by numerous laboratory experiences. 


Many eighth graders begin their high school science requirement by accelerating into Regents Earth Science, while the others continue the intermediate sequence in Science 8.  Science 8 students are required to take the Intermediate Level Science exam in June.  This test is also comprised of a performance portion as well as a written component.


Jericho’s 5-8 science program is in agreement with the New York State Intermediate Level Science core curriculum which can be found at the following website:



3)         High School Science – Grades 9-12


Students in grades 9 through 12 are able to enroll in numerous challenging and rewarding courses in the life and physical sciences.  In addition to providing the four New York State Regents courses, the Jericho High School science department offers all of the Advanced Placement science subjects that are supervised by the College Board.  In addition, many of our students are enrolled in the comprehensive and highly successful science research program.  Each year, Jericho’s young researchers perform very well in numerous local, state, national and international competitions.  College credit is available to those who enroll in the Advanced Placement and research courses.


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